Bebe Cool explains about his ‘Life of Bebe Cool’ Concert and What to expect


By staff writer

“I will be celebrating my music life and what i have gone through to make it up to here. It is important to celebrate the life of people who have contributed to development of our nation when they are still alive. I dont want people to miss me when am gone, i want them to celebrate my success with me”. Bebe Cool who was putting on a Black T-shirt disclosed.

“I no longer worry about numbers. I now focus on the quality of the concert which attracts more sponsors like Silk Events which is on board.” He revealed. The ‘Love You Everyday’ promised to give his whole to his fans while at the concert where he further revealed that he will be on stage for 5 hours.

“In Case the Venue is packed to full capacity at Serena, Then some fans will miss out and the only option they will have is to watch me perform at other shows organized by different promoters around the Country.” Bebe Cool concluded.