Bebe Cool holds graduation party for ‘Gagamel Phamily’ members


By Nsiiro Jacob

Uganda’s music icon,self proclaimed ‘Big Size’ Bebe Cool without doubt has about 200,000 online Gagamel members. The ‘Love you everyday’ singer started holding graduation parties for his Gagamel fans ever since the media started throwing insults at his fans,describing them as illiterates and unemployed. The first graduation party was held last year in Kiwatule and so was the second one which was held yesterday as they roasted the bull they won at the Hipipo Music Awards as the ‘Best active online fans’.

The event saw a total of 13 members celebrate their first big education milestone with cake cutting as each member was provided with a cake made by Zuena Pastries. About  230 members graced the celebrations as he later entertained them with a short music performance as he took pics with each graduate. Loziyo Tamale,Gloria Martha,Dora Ashly were among the 12 graduates,the singer is expected to release his ‘African girl’ video probably this week if everything goes on well as planned.

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