Bidco Uganda Appoints Singer Irene Kayemba as their brand ambassador .


Gifted singer and song writer, Irene Kayemba was unveiled as the new brand ambassador of Bidco Uganda.

Bidco Uganda is a consumer goods company in Uganda with a wide scope of products ranging from edible oil, soap, detergents, among other items.

In their strategy of developing local talents, the company has signed songstress Irene Kayemba as a brand ambassador.

Irene Kayemba was unveiled at a presser attended by Bidco bosses and member of the press to become their new Brand Ambassador for all their current and upcoming products.

Irene Kayemba is a dynamic, talented, and energetic singer behind projects like Nze Amulina, Binyuma, Omulongo, Woman, among others.

Popularly, Kayemba is known as famous musician-cum-politician Bobi Wine’s sister.

Bidco notes that Kayemba was selected for the ambassadorial role for being a “decent entertainer and responsible mother.”

“As a responsible mother, decent entertainer, and a real fighter for social cause, Irene Kayemba resonates well with our brand. We strongly believe attachment of our consumers will further increase after involving her as brand ambassador,” Ànoop Sharma An the General Manager BIDCO Uganda Limited said.

The singer revealed,

“I AM EXCITED to announce to you that i have been unveiled as the brand ambassador of Bidco Uganda Limited for all their products.
Bidco Uganda is the leading Fast-Moving-Consumer goods company in Uganda with a wide scope of products ranging Edible oil-Fortune,Fortune Butto, Fortune Gold & Fortune sunflower oil; Laundry Bar soap-White star magic,Blue Magic, BUL star Natural e.t.c, ; Powder Detergent White star magic, Bleu Magic; Fortune Spaghetti and Fortune Spice- Nuunu & Nyama Binzari.

I am deeply humbled by the trust placed in me , and i wholeheartedly embrace the responsibility of representing Bidco Uganda Ltd. Together, we will embark on a journey to amplify the message, the passion, and the purpose that lies at the core of both my music and the brand.

To the media, thank you for your continuous support in sharing our music and you took us from the start when no one knew us upto where we have reached. Your dedication to showcasing and promoting our work has played a pivotal role in amplifying our message and reaching new audiences. We are grateful for the opportunity to collaborate with you and for the incredible coverage you provide.

To our amazing fans, you are the heartbeat of our music. Your unwavering love and support have been the driving force behind our creativity and growth. Your kind words, streaming our music, and sharing it with your friends and family mean the world to us”