Bobi Wine has released a brand new song ‘Situka”,Listen to it.


By our writer

Singer Bobi Wine has just dropped a new song ‘Situka’ which talks about Uganda’s current situation,in one line of the song,Bobi Wine is quoted “Lets all stand up and keep walking forward,cry as you move forward don’t lose hope just make sure you either crawl,walk or run ..just do anything to make sure you move forward however much they are oppressing you“.

On his Facebook post,Bobi Wine is quoted;”I always try to use music as my humble way of communication to uplift myself and my people.Ladies and gentlemen, i present to you ‘Situka the Song’ I hope it communicates a message of inspiration and courage.Please download,share and subscribe to the links below,let it inspire you and share it from one brother to another . “.

Situka is another brand new single off the Bobi Wine’s “MUNA UGANDA ALBUM 2016”.You can now click on the link and listen to it;