Bobi Wine’s Kamwokya studio raided by armed Police and Army officers


By staff writer

Singer Bobi Wine’s Kamwokya studios have been raided by Police and armed UPDF soldiers as they made several arrests of his upcoming artistes and managers over unknown reasons.

The ‘Situka’ singer rushed on the UCC blocked social media (Facebook) and posted as quoted below;

“They were beaten and arrested (no charge yet). Even when I tried to explain that these youth were no harm to society and actually productive members of our community, nobody listened. They were bundled up to into a car, humiliated, and are now detained at Kira Road Police station, The arrested artists include: Red Aya, Dex, Wagi, and the CEO of Bigs promotion who had come to book these artists for a small gig. I was actually there doing an interview with New York Times when this happened”

Bobi Wine further added on, “Many times I have worked with the Uganda police to calm down riots and to create peace and stability in the ghetto, as well as to build a good relationship between the police and the common people… To the Uganda Police: next time you call me to calm down riots in the ghetto, please remember how you have treated our people… I MEAN, WHAT KIND OF RELATIONSHIP IS THIS?”