Brandy’s Record Label hits back at her after Law suit


Brandy Norwood’s record label has fired back at the singer after she filed a lawsuit to break out of her ‘ball and chain’ contract.

Chameleon Entertainment says the 37-year-old singer can’t compare her contract to slavery because it’s been so long since she had a hit.

A rep for the company’s CEO Breyon Prescott told TMZ that they took a risk ‘signing an artist that hasn’t had a chart single success since the early 2000’s’.

The spokesperson also said the singer’s allegations are just a ploy to get publicity because her ‘best days are over’. They also told the website that Brandy and her lawyer looked over her contract before signing so there should have been no surprises.

Later on Wednesday Brandy’s rep responded to Chameleon’s statement saying that if they truly believe she’s past her best then they should have no issue letting her go. The singer’s rep reportedly said ‘release her from the contract.’The Boy Is Mine hitmaker claims her contract with Chameleon is like a ball and chain, according to TMZ.

The singer and actress has been signed to the record label since 2011 but has now filed a lawsuit against the company and Prescott. The singer accused them of putting her career in jeopardy and claims the label actually tried to prevent her from recording and releasing new music after promising her hundreds of thousands of dollars for studio time that never materialized.