Bukedde TV fears Competition from my ABS TV, Pastor Yiga reveals


By Waiswa Brian

Since last week, Pastor Yiga (Abizaayo) of Kasubi Kawala rape allegations have circulated allover about how he impregnated and infected a woman who was part of his congregation after he laid his deception tricks that he would later on pray for her. The lady claims that Pastor Yiga invited her to his home for special prayers but later persuaded her into sexual intercourse thus infecting her with a deadly virus which has up to now left her on medication.

But during a Court proceeding, Pastor Yiga was seen shying away from various Television Cameras where he almost fell into a man hole. However, he has come out to clearly rubbish all these claims in a recorded video that has gone viral. He clearly says that Bukedde Television set up all this cause his new Television station ABS was gaining massive viewership yet it has started a few months back.

“All TV stations have gave a deaf ear to all this but Bukedde Television has made this a topic the whole week with their main aim of breaking me down and my TV investment. Let them allow competition” Pastor Yiga added on.

Now we remain with questions like; Why did Pastor Yiga shy away from journalists’ cameras?

Why is it that he is thinking that only Bukedde Television is fearing competition from his ABS Television yet he clearly asserts that other televisions kept quite? don’t they fear that ‘stiff’ competition? Can we assume Pastor Yiga is up his feet or he is just trying to spice up his game? Your answers will help you justify the truth in this.