Busoga’s Leah Kalanguka Voted Miss People’s Choice At The World Next Top Model


By EnewsUG team

Former Miss Uganda, Leah Kalanguka was on Tuesday voted Miss People’s Choice during the 2016 World Next Top Model contest. Leah, who managed to make it to top 16 in the pageant of 44 contestants, took home the Miss People’s Choice crown while a contestant named Virginia from Malta was announced the World Next Top Model for 2016 at the Grand Finale on Tuesday. “Hello beautiful friends, Thank you for all the support, We got ‪#‎MissPeople‬‘s choice Crown and managed to get to top 16,” Leah Kalanguka wrote on Facebook. “Something about each contestant is having only one title, but super grateful to you all for voting. Next time we shall get a bigger crown. God bless you,” the Busoga princess was quoted.

However, its not clear why Leah did not win the World Next Top Model crown as she had the highest number of votes on the World Next Top Model online voting platform all over the globe.

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