Cameroon Gitawo is an ‘old hen’ seeking attention, Shakira Katsha reveals


By our reporter

South Africa based Ugandan businessman, Katsha De’Bank, real name Shafique Katumba has been talk of the town after he announced that he had quit The Money Team Africa(TMT). Following the announcement, his former associate Cameroon Gitawo came out to claim that he was actually the founder of the group and TMT will continue to thrive without him, something that did not sit well with Katsha’s wife, Shakira Kayihura.

Shakira says Cameroon is just an “old hen seeking attention” who was helped by Katsha to gain fame after he offered to make him a member of TMT Africa. She posted:
– “This idiot never been a founder of TMT I remember even the first time he called Katsha asking him how he can be known in Uganda as in mbu he wanted a kataala so Katsha told the dude to join his TMT.

So when Katsha decided to leave the TMT the dude is now creating stories I hear am the CEO am like dude, anyway hope you won’t do the same to Meddie cause you always said shit about him even in the middle of the night you could call Katsha telling him how Meddie doesn’t like him and how his in plans of stealing the shine on the TMT party if Katsha gives Meddie the Bentley to use on that night , if it wasn’t for katsha no one would know this old hen.”