Celebrities that are going to be affected by the Tobacco bill


By EnewsUG team

Starting this Thursday (Tomorrow), The Ministry of Health has insured out a warning that anyone found smoking in public will be arrested as the Tobacco Control Act takes effect. If found smoking within 50 feet of a public facility or in enclosed areas, a person will pay a fine of Shs200,000 or be arrested and jailed for five months or both depending on what the judge decides.
According to Mr Moses Talibita, a legal officer with UNHCO, after six months ending November, the entire law will be implemented. The ban includes people who smoke Cigarettes, Sisha and weed.

We now reveal to you the Ugandan celebrities that are going to be affected by the bill;

Bobi Wine

This one needs no introduction to the public, smoking weed is his addiction and he is proud of it. Bobi Wine is spotted numerous times puffing while driving. Now that the law will be in effect starting tomorrow, lets wait for the results.

Jose Chameleone

Chameleone not only takes alcohol to a maximum, cigarette smoking is his addiction and sometimes he partly smokes weed, most cases when he pays a visit to singer Bobi Wine.

Sheebah Karungi

She is a re-known Shisha smoker who will puff anytime, anywhere at her own convenience. Rumor has it that Sheeba partly takes weed though she is not addicted to it because of her Islamic background.

Kalifah Aganaga

With this someone, he is sometimes seen holding a weed stick bigger than him. Kalifah smokes weed before going on stage something which enhances his energetic performance with his heavy boots.

MC Kats

With Kats, he will die smoking Cigarettes. News has made rounds over the years about him having HIV/AIDS, something which isn’t true. It all relates to his addiction to smoking without eating,something that is seeing him grow thin each day. On events, MC Kats can go back stage like 10 times to smoke.

Dave Dash

If they could allow cigarette smoking in studios, Radio City and NTV studios would always form a white cloud whenever he is presenting. Just like MC Kats, Dave Dash also can’t do an MC gig without hitting the back stage.

Radio and Weasel

Not only music unites them, Radio and Weasel are also addicts of Cigarette,Sisha smoking and the alcohol .Now you know why they are small in size.

Iryn Ntale

From a humble church choir singer, to now a talented sisha smoker. Iryn Ntale is seen most times with his ka-local boyfriend Jonah (manager at Laftaz) puffing on a Sisha pot all by themselves.


The Mayanja family is not only talented in music, this another department they fully dominate. Pallaso can puff 7 cigarettes sticks back stage before stepping on stage. He normally smokes his Sisha at his home in company of a few friends.

DJ Bryan 

DJ Bryan works at Club Guvnor and is also among NTV’s music deejays. The pin sized and dreaded deejay is also an addicted Cigarette smoker, he always rushes out for a puff every time his show ends on NTV the beat and Expozed.

Gareth Onyango and Nickita

Perhaps they take the trophy as the most Sisha smoking couple in Kampala. While out,Gareth is always seen pressing his phone and a Sisha pipe in his mouth.

Tycoon Sudhir Rupairelia

As a rich man, he is class apart with his expensive Cigars (hope they are also not harmful to people around him). Sudhir is also a re known Cigarette smoker.


Honorable mentions

Coco Finger, Zuena Kirema, Cindy, Emma Carlos,Byg Kahuna,Gnl Zamba, Bebe Cool.