Chameleone shares a piece of advice to Jeff Kiwa, Radio and Weasel

Jose Chameleone's new look

By Waiswa Brian

Jose Chameleone has finally come out to give his comment on the ongoing scuffle between Jeff Kiwa, Radio and Weasel.

Chameleone while appearing on NBS TV’s KURT (Kenya, Uganda, Rwanda & Tanzania) music show noted that like every man, Radio and Weasel must face their problems in order to grow.

“When I still had differences with Radio and Weasel, they used to call me an old man on several interviews. Now it’s time for them to be men. Even man must face their own problems,This is an issue that can be sorted. Let both sides put their ego aside and resolve the matter,” Chameleone advised both parties.

Team No Sleep’s Jeff Kiwa sued the singers to court alleging that on 3rd June they accused him of Witch craft and Child sacrifice, an issue they don’t have evidence of. According to him, the duo tarnished his image and reputation to the public.