Cindy refuses to send a consolation message to Phina Mugerwa


By Waiswa Brian

We all know what happened to Singer Phina Mugerwa on her way from Sevo’s campaigns in Nebbi. Well, several artistes sent sympathy messages to the ‘Bampasude’ singer as they wished her a quick recovery  from that life threatening accident that almost took her life to the extent that President Museveni also had to go and check on her while she was still admitted.

Even up to now the public has been waiting Cindy to say something or even go and visit rival Phina Mugerwa since Ken Mukisa is no longer dating any of them but all in vain. Upto now Cindy has not sent any message nor post about wishing Phina well. One fan was quoted “Cindy is a bad person,even a simple quick recovery would have been enough

Cindy is known for her hit song ‘Zalawo’ which she said it was for her haters out there.