“Club Amnesia is full of thugs, i will never go back there again”, Haruna speaks out

Photographer Haruna Ssebagala

By staff writer

City photographer revealed that he was beaten up by Kassim on Wednesday, June 8th as he tried to enter the club to cover an event. During the scuffle, Haruna says he lost his bag containing his property (a Nikkon camera, hard drive and other essentials).

However, Amnesia Boss Innocent Nahabwe openly came out and disclosed,” If this is meant to get money from me, my apologies but this ploy wont be successful. Club Amnesia is safe as always. We value the life and property of the customers“.

The top city photographer spoke to our writer as quoted below, “I withdrew the case because it wasn’t going to yield a thing. Innocent was going to do nothing and trust me he had vowed he was to do nothing about it. His bouncers are all f**ed up. I’ll never ever work or be near that location again. The place is full of thugs, so i closed the case and just bought myself new equipment.”