“Comedians are now taking over the entertainment industry”, Dixon Okello reveals


They may look funny and unserious, but they are cavorting to the bank and living their dreams. Few years ago,comedians were considered pariahs and failures in life,but now most bars and clubs have no option but,have a comedy night every week,most companies and events organisers have no option, but hire them as MC’s and we have no option,but reel in laughter whenever they take up the mirco-phone. Comedy in Uganda, is becoming more interesting and worthwhile by the day.Comedy concerts, now attract a great crowd of VIP’s ,as well as ordinary people ,whenever its held anywhere in the country.

As it gets rewarding and funnier,people are becoming more willing, to make comedy their career or part with their money in order to enjoy comedy shows.This would never have come to be,if not for the relentless efforts of our country men/ women, who refused to give up on what they love doing and believed they would do it, in the best way. My appeal to comedians,is to avoid bickering and scandals that has made some major companies stop sponsoring Ugandan artistes. Yes,Comedy is a funny business,a very big business.