Court dismisses charges against Development Channel bosses.


Court dismisses charges against Development Channel bosses.
One of the biggest hindrances to development in Africa is government suspicious position towards the private sector.-
This admonition by the President was clearly not heeded as countless government agencies used every apparatus available from media to police, State prosecution and more to malign the vision of Charles Lambert’s Development Channel.

In a case which was subsequently charged at the magistrate court, Nakawa, the court dismissed the accusations as the government prosecutors lacked any single presentation of proof of any wrong doing.

Speaking shortly after the verdict, Lambert had this to say “ They have only done the right thing by dismissing this ridiculous case. One year was wasted coming to this court for nothing. We are now focused on getting back to our mission and rekindling the fire within those who this malicious attack and blackmail grossly affected. We have also not ruled out the possibility of law suits against these agencies. There must be consequences of using your privileged position as a government official to destroy the work and investments of others”.