David Lutalo to hold first album launch in 2016.


By our writer

When he had a breakthrough with his ‘Kapapala’ song,many thought he would go down as master blaster (RIP) or actually that he would fade away as a one hit wonder. David Lutalo has managed to silence critics over the years with good music from Hellena with the goodlyfe boys to ‘Ujuwe’ which was voted among the top 10 songs that dominated airwaves in 2015.

Though the singer has been having marital conflicts,David Lutalo has promised to put up a great performance on 29th January at Hotel Africana. He promised to perform all his old songs as chosen by his fans during his ‘Manya’ concert.He will then proceed to Satelite Beach in Mukono the following day. So Are you ready for the first concert of the year?