Dax Kartel discloses how much he was paid for his first gig


By Waiswa Brian

Every artiste has a story to about his or her music journey and times he/she can never forget. Dax Kartel who begun off his music career in 2013 with songs like ‘Tulikumukutu’,’Self service’ featuring Sheeba which rose him to fame,revealed as quoted “i remember the first gig i performed at,the promoter gave me 5000 yet he had promised to give 10000.That’s one memory that i can never clear off my mind in my music career“.

Dax Kartel right now has one of the most played songs ‘Baala’ at the moment in the country,he added on that the money he has made so far from this song is equivalent to the money he earned in his first 2 years as an upcoming artiste. Dax Kartel is also among the few artistes who graduated as he boosts a degree in Mass Communication from Makerere University.