Did this work out for Pastor Yiga !!!


By Elijah Mutabuza

ABS Television’s Known Pastor Yiga Aloysius of Kasubi Kawala and Maggie Kayima aka Nabbi Omukazi had gotten this business that had to be finished at any time, and guess what, last night it was nailed down, signed, stamped and sealed with a final winner.

Before i go further, i want us to look at this whole thing as a 90minutes football match which has to be finished despite the number of goals either side scores, yes first half can go 50 goals to nil,but my friend, you must come back for second half… this is what we have been up to as far as Pastor Yiga and Maggie Kayima are concerned.

Okay without wasting time let us start the first half.

It came in and we saw Nabbi Omukazi play well with Bukedde Television, giving out all the ‘information’ she had about the Pastor and his ‘awkward’ deeds. Yes the man of God was exposed in all ways possible on top a ransom of Four Million Shillings Nabbi received as a ‘token’ from the television Bukedde. This never stopped there, we saw Pastor Yiga dragged to courts of laws to further explain why he abandoned his ‘kid’ and why he infected some miserable lady. Fine that was first half, Maggie Kayima well played because even the Pastor had sleepless nights as he was pondering on the next move, how to revive his already tarnished image and blah blah. We saw even a video clip making rounds on whatsapp social media as he was trying to bring his point out as per the allegations. and guess what, Nabbi Omukazi won the first half with 10 goals to 1.

As a writer, i kept waiting for something that was exactly done by ABS Television last night, to bring Nabbi to the light and drag her by her feet!

Yes, for those saying that Pastor Yiga did bad, listen to this, you will never stop fire with water, make sure you stop it with fire! I saw the man of God tell the World why Maggie invited him to the 90 minutes game and carefully he stressed why Nabbi was got from grass to grace with her Sister Bena Namisinga of the Ekibaati fame. This was a desperate girl (Nabbi) who came seeking for a chance to sing with Revival Band of Pastor Yiga, he rose her to fame, even showed her the light of salvation, he brought her sister also and did the same for her, they made people like Hajjat Madina lose chances because of their selfish desires, and above all they end up going for witchcraft to kill the Pastor!!!

Long story short, I want to thank Hajjat Aisha for the invention of the fast rising, mighty, darling, programme Kalondozi, Aisha you will change the World trust me, you are doing something that has failed to work with other television stations for decades, now you do it with the darling television ABS, thank you dear. It is because of this programme that Aisha you managed to save the image of the man of God, the Bible tells us that everything done in the dark, shall be exposed in the light. This gives us space to go for second half of the game.

Second half started from the Shrines somewhere as Maggie Kayima and her sister Bena visited for blessings, breakthrough and killing of Pastor Yiga. So our ‘Prophet’ call her Nabbi wanted to get more powers and come back to start us a church and she heals or? anyway am still confused just like you are. Maggie hands down, you lost this match and do not attempt for a rematch because we even saw you naked, we came to know your desires and we learnt that you are a killer, witch and a nuisance.

And i just want to let you know that you are a disgrace to all sides of social life, your fellow pagans now curse you, and even the church is laughing at you! so where will you get the men you were asking to be blessed with from the ramshackle bathroom you were in? who will ever respect you again?

Now know that if it was not for your greed of allowing money to expose the person that made you who you are, you would be possessing your dignity, but now i think you see why the Bible stops us from being greedy, God was not a fool its us people who try to fool him.

As i wind up, all me  to drop my final verdict and here it goes, Nabbi in the first half you had 10 goals to 1, but madam second half the game changed its is now 1000 goals to 10 and you have lost to your opponent badly… what a humiliation…

Pastor Yiga now you are a free man, do the work that God sent you to do after all even your hater we saw her confess in the shrines that you are powerful that God blessed you,,, and you know what, No weapon formed against you shall prosper God said that and he assured us.