DJ Roja and Slick Stuart’s ‘Mix Tape season 3’ is on


By Waiswa Brian

After holding a sold out DJ show last year at Laftaz, Centenary Park, DJ Roja and Slick Stuart are back and this time much more bigger as they wait for 17th September to thrill their fans once gain in their ‘Mix tape season 3’.

Under their manager Nisha, the deejay duo have already big brand names as sponsors at their forth coming show; Smirnoff, KFM and NBS are already on board to ensure that come 17th September everything will be set as all roads will be leading to Laftaz Swimming Pool. With Silk Events on the sound and lighting, just be there and witness the epic mixes and spins from the 2016 Buzz Teeniez Award winners.

On top of the entrance fee of 20k, 500k VIP tables, revelers will be given a free T-shirt and a mix-tape from the Deejays.

In case, you missed out on Last year’s show, Watch the clip below.