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Drake’s Mother wants him to date Serena Williams, not Rihanna


After rumors having it that Drake and Rihanna rekindled their romance. On Wednesday the ‘Started from bottom’ singer’s mother, Sandi Graham, thinks Serena Williams, who was reported last year to be the rapper’s love interest, is “the one” for him.

“Drake and the mum are so tight and like the good boy in him, listens to her. Sandi doesn’t really think anyone’s good for Drake, but if she had to choose one woman he’s been with it would be Serena,” a source told Hollywood Life. “Sandi idolizes her athleticism and thinks she’s a sweet and wholesome girl, much different from the wild and over-sexualized women Drake‘s been with in the past. Like him,” the source added.

Williams is “a champion and Sandi’s encouraging him to attend all her upcoming matches at Wimbledon and make a serious play at her. Sandi’s not getting any younger and she wants grandkids from him!” the insider told the entertainment website.

Drake and Williams were spotted kissing at a restaurant in Cincinnati last August. The two also faced rumors that the tennis star was pregnant with Drake’s child, but those rumors were never substantiated.

Recently, the Canadian rapper was spotted spending time with Rihanna as they left a nightclub in London after attending Nicole’s Birthday bash . Following this, reports speculated the two may have reignited their romance.

News Rumors about Rihanna and Drake’s rekindled relationship after the two were spotted together on several occasions following the release of the new globe hit song“Work”, which featured the 29-year Canadian rapper. The two first dated in 2009 and have been in an on-and-off relationship ever since. At one time the rumored couple was reportedly seen getting intimate at a London nightclub after performing at the Brit Awards that day.