English and Russian football fans clash again despite disqualification warnings from UEFA


Compiled by Nsiiro Jacob

A small group of Russian and English fans briefly scuffled in Lille in the early hours of Wednesday (June 15) morning, after bars and pubs closed in the northern French city where thousands of supporters continue to arrive for the Euro 2016 soccer tournament.

Lille is seen as the next potential Euro 2016 trouble spot as Russia play Slovakia there on Wednesday. England fans are also congregating there ahead of their match against Wales in nearby Lens on Thursday (June 16).

Both teams have been threatened with expulsion from the competition if the violence seen in Marseille last week is repeated.

The brief skirmish between the Russian and English fans was broken up by police.

Authorities in Lille and Lens have ordered alcohol bans running from Tuesday (June 14) to Friday (June 17), officials said.