Events organizer ‘Balaam’ Barugahara leads protests against Minister, closes his Stanbic account

balaam Barugahara-Uganda

By our writer

Minister Kibuule is alleged to have assaulted a female security guard, Hellen Obul, at Stanbic bank Mukono branch. The angry Kibuule then reportedly grabbed the guard and beat her up before flinging her away.

The minister then entered the bank and continued with his business. Mr Kibuule insisted that he had only cautioned Ms Obuku to follow search procedure that mandates a man to search a man but Ms Obuku was adamant.

Women rights activists and the opposition party (DP) have called for Kibuule’s resignation over the matter but the minister denies the allegations, as the public is also protesting the minister’s actions last week, Events organiser and promoter, Balaam Barugahara has come out to also protest as he posted on Facebook as quoted below;

“I have decided to close my Stanbic bank account for that action . And all my associates I advice you to do the same . I have seen President Museveni checked at a church service, who is the minister !!, Everyone must be checked. Slapping a poor woman on duty is unacceptable and the subsequent apology by Stanbic bank is ridiculous.

I have moved and seen many cabinet ministers including first family who allow to be checked at times drive in traffic jam without causing unnecessary commotion, case in point is General Katumba Wamala who most times stays in jam without claiming right of way . Let’s respect people from all walks of life . God created us equal and let’s respect human rights at all stages. God bless you all who respect systems in place”, a furious Balaam aired out his anger.