Express is a dead football Club, Aldrine Snr reveals


By Chris Kudri

Well we thought Ugandan Football had got relief from Aldrine Nsubuga attacks until yesterday when he revealed that he can never deal with Express FC because of its disorganization and lack of leadership.

Express fc or Express sports club filed for a sponsorship deal from “Star Times” {International pay TV} and Aldrine who is a marketing director at Star Times Uganda proved to the club that they had swallowed what they can’t chew Aldrine response was full of facts though rude to a person who hates the truth.

This is what Aldrine had to say “Answering the Express FC sponsorship question; For the past week, I have been bombarded with questions, requests and appeals from Express leaning fans, officials etc to add them onto our sponsor mission. For the benefit of the Express fraternity, here is my formal response: Express FC wants sponsorship but they are not set up for it.

This is why Sponsor concerns: “ Express FC is not structured as a club but as a team. When is the last time they held an elective fans meeting or AGM? Who chooses their leadership? Who is their leadership? What is their address? What is their image or brand reputation? (They take pride in hooliganism) What happened to their fans? Where are they? Are they Express Sports Club or Express FC? Do their players have contracts, if so, why are they not respected? If they have ONE thing to offer or sale to a sponsor, what would it be? In summary – what is their brand value ? Express is supposed to be one of the three traditional giants. A big club. But for the last 10 years, there’s nothing they do that shows they are interested in maintaining this status anymore. BRAND VALUE IS ABOUT PERCEPTION. Express must first help themselves before they can seek assistance from outside.”