Facts about Uefa champions league


By Ronnie Lusulire

Arsenal has lost their two group games consecutively, today we bring you the teams that have lost their first two group games and still go on to qualify to the next round of sixteen. 110 teams have lost their two opening group games since the champions league started and only nine of those have managed to qualify for the knockout stages. This suggests Arsenal beaten 3-2 by Olympiakos on Tuesday now roughly 8% chance to qualify(though that can probably be revised to 2%) considering they play bayern Munich in their next two games. The teams who pulled them selves out of their groups despite poor starts are; Dynamo kiev(1999-2000), Newcastle utd(2002-2003), Bayer leverkusen(2002-2003), Wender Bremen (2005-2006), Inter Milan(06-07), Lyon(07-08) Panathinaikos(08-09) Marseile(10-11) Galatasary(12-13)