Fashionista Kim Swagga named ‘Great Child’ Ambassador


By Waiswa Brian

City socialite and Stylist, Kim Swagga who represents Ciroc Uganda, has landed yet another Ambassadorship role as the new face of ‘Great Child Foundation’. The Non Government Organization Mission is about Creating Suitable Environment For Every Child whether rich or poor.

“As i end this week,I would like to thank the NGO of GREAT CHILD initiative for the trust and much responsibility you’ve given me as your east African AMBASSADOR. May GOD guide me reach all your expectations”, the dreaded City Fashion monster disclosed.

Great Child Foundation was born to mend broken hearts, brighten darkened minds of these community forsaken underprivileged children. The Foundation’s objectives are;

• To remove street children from the streets.
• To mitigate the economic effects of street children, other Orphans and under privileged groups.
• To reduce the prevalence rate of street children.
• Provision of education and counseling services.
• To build village homes for the orphaned street children, other Orphans and under privileged children.
• Resettling ex-street children back to their Origin homes after rehabilitation.
• To establish learning institutions for the orphaned street children.
• To advocate for human rights and other remedies with specific references.
• To develop the young talented street children, other Orphans and under privileged groups.
• To build youth resource centers for the Orphans and under privileged youth in Ugandan communities.