“Forget Mbiire daughter’s wedding”, SK Mbuga promises ‘Vivienne’ mega wedding after giving birth to baby girl.


By Yiga Santo

City tycoon Suliaman Kabangala alias Sk Mbuga seems to be the happiest man on earth after his wife Angella Vivienne Birungi gave birth to a baby girl earlier on this week in Sweden. The renowned city tycoon has went on to express his happiness and joy by promising to marry Vivienne for she is now amorther to her lovely newly born daughter.

According to SK Mbuga, the only way to express the much love he has for his wife Vivienne is by marrying her and for that matter therefore, he set November 26th of 2016 as the wedding date. According to our trusted sources,the wedding meetings have already started and the wedding Budget is estimated to cost over 1Billion UGX.