“Forgive every artiste who featured in Tubonga Nawe”, Ziza Bafana asks fans


By Waiswa Brian

Singer Ziza Bafana who was appearing on NTV’s music show ‘The Beat’ hosted by Douglas Lwanga for his video premier stunned fans when he knelt down on Live TV and asked fans to have mercy and forgive all artistes who featured in the NRM Campaign theme song ‘Tubonga Nawe’ which was backing President Yoweri Museveni for a fifth consecutive term in Office.

“Please my fans and Ugandan music lovers, lets leave out the boycott talk and support our brothers. If i was approached too i wouldn’t have turned down the Cash offer that was at stake. Please now that the campaigns are no more,lets ignore that and move on”. Ziza Bafana begged his fans as he knelt down (as seen in the picture above).