From humble management,what’s next for Maro !!


By Nsiiro Jacob

In what he called a resignation letter the rising star hit maker indeed expressed himself in a non offensive way, maro has officially resigned and shifted his music business to a new management house known as G-Music.

Humble management has been handling Maro’s music businesses that to say bookings, advertising etc after he had left the vocal police entertainment a group started up by Maro himself and ray signature and it was comprised of artistes like Nutty Neithan,Empress and so many more.

Artists leaving deliberately or being fired by the CEOs of the respective crews/lebals/managements they were working for its a common habit in the Ugandan music industry and reasons attached to their dismissals are always the same inconsistency, disobedience and untrustworthy but with Maro’s case he has decided to try out greener pastures let’s wish him the best.

Rumor has it Humble Management and Maro parted ways after last year’s Kamboyine concert in Jinja because of financial related issues.