Gadhafi promises to teach Ivan Ssemwanga a lesson


By our writer

Ivan Ssemwanga, is being accused of beating up the businessman and throwing him out of Club Guvnor in a scuffle that resulted into him losing his property and money. He says that Ivan is showing off that he is rich and that no one can arrest him. It is at this point that Sadat asked for IGP General Kale Kayihura’s help.

“I am requesting that General Kale Kayihura comes to my rescue and helps me get justice from these people because they think that they are too big to be prosecuted,today am more serious to teach Ivan Ssemwanga what the law is

Ivan Sssemwanga still has another debt case to answer as it is revealed that he borrowed money from one city tycoon at Casino Javas to play a game but unfortunately he lost all the money and he promised to pay him the following day but failed. When he got back to the casino the following day, his car was going to be taken to police but he pleaded with the guy and was excused but up to now he has failed clear his debt.