Gitawo reveals their huge budget for the ‘Gold and Money’ party.


By Waiswa Brian

When it comes to spending money,don’t be worried especially if you see Katsha De’bank and Cameroon Gitawo around. The TMT Africa’s money lords revealed a huge budget for their Gold and Money party scheduled for 30th December at Club Guvnor.

Cameroon Gitawo is quoted “First of all let me assure our fans that many people are trying to bring us down but they wont manage, for the party we had saved over 600Million last year so nothing is going to fail us to make the party a success because we planned this since last year

Gitawo also revealed that Rich gang members (Ivan and Lawrence) are behind Katsha’s arrest because he left them and formed his own TMT Africa group. But by next week if all goes well Katsha De’Bank will be a free man .