Gitawo takes over SK Mbuga’s life


By our writer

2016 must be the worst year SK Mbuga will live to remember after spending days in jail for battering lover and singer Leila Kayondo,South African based Gitawo Cameron ran off with his 77 million that he had paid to him to acquire the compatible Benz.

Latest news coming in indicates that Gitawo is now sleeping around with SK Mbuga newly engaged Vivian as a way of revenge. It is said that Vivian decided to cheat on SK Mbuga as a way of revenging because he spends most of his time with side dish Leila Kayondo hence abandoning her. Gitawo revealed that he has been dating Vivian for more than 3 months and the two are deeply in love.It is remembered that Gitawo once said he is dating the married NTV’S Carol flower until when the TV Presenter denied all that.

SK Mbuga is still quiet about the whole issue though he revealed that he will do anything to make Gitawo cough his 77 Million.