Gravity’s Omwoto Concert sales out,Victor Kamenyo left in Debts


By Waiswa Brian

When he did the ‘Winner’ song,Luga-flow rapper knew exactly what he was talking about and this was seen in his Omwoto Concert he held last night at Freedom City. Fans entered as early as 7:30pm, and within no time by 9:45pm the entire arena was filled to capacity as Gravity put up an energetic performance with support from the crowd who sang along to almost all his songs. And his Concert might as well as be named among the success-full shows of 2015 at Freedom City as Pallaso all filled it.

Meanwhile,Rapper Victor Kamenyo who had also organized on the same day right now is in debts as he switched off his phones after a low turn up at his ‘Silina Malala’ concert at Muganziwaza . some fans were heard saying “But young artistes also,you have two songs but your holding a concert” seems it was aimed at Victor Kamenyo.

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