Hajji Haruna Mubiru falls!


By Elijah Mutabuza


This might sound funny but it is true. The Kitooke singer and CEO of Kream Production Hajji Haruna Mubiru experienced what we call a wheel embarrassment. You remember the falls we used to experience when learning how to ride bicycles way back? This is what happened to our beloved Hajji.

Haruna Mubiru fell off from a balancing electric Scooter (segway board) as he was trying to pull ‘senior’ stunts to show his friends that he has already mastered using the scooter. It should be noted that these electric  scooters were introduced here recently and became trendy so every artiste is trying to get a piece for himself and as we write this, Chameleone has acquired one already.

So we do not know whether Haruna wants to acquire his also because as he fell down from the scooter he seemed to be just practicing and learning how to use it. As a matter of fact we do not know whether he sustained serious injuries but our cameras saw him fall badly.

Quick recovery Hajji this is Uganda where we learn by falling many times.