“He can’t remember the last time he made a hit”,Weasel takes on Mickie Wine


By our writer

Now this is getting more serious than we had imagined.After Bobi Wine’s young brother Mickie Wine coming out yesterday and setting the same concert dates with ‘Radio and Weasel’s “Omwana wa’bandi” concert,Weasel has thrown a jab below the belt at Mickie Wine as he was quoted on his Facebook wall;”He can’t remember the last time he made a hit!!!!!big up to my brothers enjoying hits from way back”

With all this happening,Singer Bobi Wine hasn’t answered back at Weasel who shared an old video link were residents of busabala where criticizing the ‘Dembe’ singer about wrongful demolition of their property,singer Radio too is still quiet about this saga. Is this stunt from these celebrities !!??. We shall keep you updated about any development.