“Her Manager is to be blamed” Jackie Chandiru’s family comes out.


By staff writer

When Jackie Chandiru’s pictures leaked and went viral in her sorry sick state,many wondered how such a celebrity could ruin her life with drugs up to that extent without immediate help.

One family member (name with held) revealed that Jackie is slowly improving and a few months from now she will stabilize. However, he also revealed that Jackie’s family heap the blame on her Manager Julie. “Julie knew very well jackie was on drugs and she never took any step to bring an end to that. I remember one time Jackie fainted on stage during Nyanda’s “Women’s day concert” at RoofTop Garden City. Another incident was at Club Mega fest in Masaka where they had to inject her (Jackie) with drugs to step on stage. What kind of Human being is that who only thinks about Money making than someone’s health”.

Some few years celebrities Golola Moses and rapper Navio oepnly came out to declare Jackie Chandiru as their secret crush. A quick recovery to you Jackie,hope you bounce back more stronger than ever.