Here’s what it’s like using the new iPhone SE


By Nsiiro Jacob

It’s now comes in rose gold, just like the iPhone 6s. It has a 4-inch screen, which is much smaller than the 5.5-inch screen on the iPhone 6s Plus. Apple says a lot of its customers still prefer smaller phones, so it made the iPhone SE with all the best features from the iPhone 6s. It has a 12 megapixel camera that’s just as good as the one on the iPhone 6s. It can also shoot Live Photos. It’s a big improvement over the iPhone 5s camera. It can shoot 4K video, which is sharper than regular HD video.

The logo designs have been slightly tweaked from the iPhone 5s with new materials. Apple says it’s less likely to scratch now. The edges also have a matte finish instead of the shiny finish from the iPhone 5s. It’s a good look. It also has the same processor as the iPhone 6s, which is perfect for gaming. And it’s small enough to use with one hand. But it feels so tiny after using a big iPhone. So, is it worth it?


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