How To Become A Good Kisser



We all have seen those WWII clips of them men coming back from battle and kissing their wives.  This is a kiss with some power behind it. It can say many things.  A kiss like this will knock her off of her feet! We all have had those strong moments where we feel like we have to kiss someone. We need an outlet for all the sexual frustration that we are feeling. The great thing about a kiss is, it is easy and fast to do. You can get your sexual frustration out without having to take off your clothes.

The element of surprise is what makes a woman the wettest.  This isn’t a kissing technique per se, but you will get the drift.  While you are kissing her, roam her body with your hands. Explore every area that you can. This will make her go crazy before you can even begin to think about what your next move is.  I can’t tell you enough how important this is. Before you give your woman a kiss, make sure your breath smells okay. If you are in doubt, go brush your teeth. You don’t like it when she has stuff stuck in her teeth that fall into your mouth.Let’s talk more about kissing and not the do’s and don’ts. The ‘explore’ kiss. This is where you spend some time getting to know her mouth.

This is a fun one from time to time. It shows that you are interested in her. You are learning new ways to excite her. This can be good for both of you. Good for you because you will learn new things that turn her on. The peck before bed. You know you aren’t getting laid when you get that little peck before she rolls over in her flannel night gown. It doesn’t have to be such a little innocent kiss. Instead, look into her eyes when she gives you that little peck. Run your fingers through her hair and tell her that you love her.  This will give her sweet dreams all night long. Tell her that you will be thinking about her all day long while at work. Look her in the eyes and smile when you say it.

You can also use kisses to see where she is at sexually.  If you are turned on but you are not sure if she is, kiss her and find out. Give her a long slow kiss, if she comes back wanting more, than you know you are going to score in the sack. If on the other hand, after you are done she is talking about he bills you owe that month, you aren’t getting laid tonight.
You may not know it, but a kiss holds a lot of power to a woman. With the right kiss you can make her go from undecided to a horny vixen when it comes to sex. If you aren’t sure that you will get laid, a kiss is a good way to test the waters.  A kiss can also be a way to show affection. If you just want to show that you love her and are thinking about her, a great way to show it is a little peck. This will make her feel warm and fuzzy inside and know that you care.