“I built my house because i wanted to show them that there was a winner in me”,Mickie Wine discloses


By Nsiiro Jacob

Mickie Wine a young a brother to singer Bobi Wine finally had to disclose more about his newly constructed house as quoted below;

 So when my girlfriend conceived, I remembered all this and realized that a real father should be ready to build a home for his children. From that point on, I pulled up my socks. The pressure was to much that I had to move in before it was complete. At the time, only one room was habitable. I was so anxious to stay in my house. This was about four years ago. I realised the need to build a house in 2011, the most important thing was that I put my whole heart in the project so every penny I got was invested in paying for the land. The land is three acres and I paid Shs30m for each acre. So in total, I paid Shs90m.

Even when I knew where I wanted to build, I had no idea of the availability of land in that area but it was my elder sister who helped me identify the land. I liked it because it was near my big brother; Bobi Wine’s home in Magele on Gayaza Road. At the time, the neighborhood was rural with gardens and trees. It has a sitting room, dining room, kitchen, store, two visitors’ rooms, master bedroom, sons’ room, daughters’ room, maid’s room, two bathrooms and the house bar. It is a double-storeyed house though from the outside, you cannot know. I built it in the British style, with no doors upstairs. It only has large windows.One thing I have not kept record of, are the costs because they would discourage me. To-date, I am still investing money because the house is not complete.