“I can never never steal Katongole from Titie”,Singer Zanie Brown clears air


By our writer

After many stories making round about Singer Zanie brown,She has come out to clear the air as quoted below;

 “I have always been humble with you people but you’ve taken my Silence for granted. People have  written NEGATIVE & DIRTY stories about me in a bid to destroy my name. I don’t know if you’re being paid to do that because that’s how everything is run in Uganda – CORRUPTION.I can’t steal a man. Am woman enough to have a “MILLION” men if i want. Why do you always put me in between people’s marriages??? Sorry, the world knows the truth about your FAKE stories.We hustle every night and day to make names and build BRANDS, but all do is try to destroy us.

 But dont F**K with my name… i hear that “ZANIE BROWN STEALS KATONGOLE FROM TITIE”, katongole my foot,shame on you.The fact that i don’t publicize my relationship doesn’t mean that am SINGLE & DESPERATE.

I have a MAN, am Happy and when the time comes… i’ll show him to the world. “AM UNDER THE ROCK, THE ROCK IS HIGHER THAN ME. U CAN NEVER DESTROY ME NO MATTER HOW HARD TO TRY”.