“I can’t date a broke man”,Desire Luzinda reveals


By our writer

Desire Luzinda widely known for her ‘Nina Ekitone’ song yesterday while on air at Capital FM,she talked about her Bachelors degree which she failed to finish at both Makerere University and Nkonzi University in related fields of study.”I hope one day I complete my degree in Development Economics“.

Desire also went on and revealed about her personal life,a family of six girls and one boy, shared fond memories of her younger brother, “I miss him serving me breakfast in bed whenever I visited him, he got married now and I can no longer have more of that”, prompting laughter from her host.
She also shared how the biggest thing that she’s done for her parents was to finish her S.6 despite being pregnant at the time.

About her love life, Desire reiterated, “I can’t date a poor man. I don’t believe in starting small with a man” and also rubbished the rumors of being in a secret relationship with Eddy Kenzo,’I have taken months without even seeing him’. Some rumors can never be true”, she added on.

About her age the singer stood her ground, “I am forever 25 but I gave birth at 19“. So if you know her daughters age, you can do the math for her exact age.