I did this for you brother, Weasel gets a tattoo to celebrate AK47’s life

By Elijah Mutabuza
At this point i will side with the philosopher who asserted that blood is thicker than water! Weasel is a living example for that as he acquired a new tattoo of the gun AK47 and dedicates it to his late brother AK47 that died six Months back.
It should be remembered that at AK47’s burial and the whole death thing, Weasel was spotted being quite and was not seen anywhere crying like Chameleone and Pallaso did. That sparked off endless questions in the public as whether Weasel wanted his brother AK47 to die or he was happy with the whole thing,,, and now we have revealed that of all people that mourned for AK47 and exposed their emotions uncontrollably, Weasel was the most person in sheer pain although he did not showcase it.
And now he manifests it through his newly acquired AK47 tattoo ahead of his fallen brother AK47’s birthday celebrations at Venom. You will never know what one harbors until he spills it out, now we know Weasel was the most hurt by the doing this as a remembrance and salute to his late brother.