I knelt down cause of money – Comedian Amooti reveals


By Waiswa Brian
Every media personality/Celebrity who attended the President’s dinner at Munyonyo is coming out with a story about why he/she attended and also a comment about the ‘Tubonga Nawe’ campaign.
Lately, Comedian Amooti Omubalanguzi has come out and revealed the funny truth why he knelt down alongside Chameleone who was addressing the president.

Amooti revealed that “After Looking At Maurice Kirya’s Post Being Shared By Different People In A Bid Of Siding With Him, I Also Got to Say Something Which I Think Is in My Thought. As Me Personally I Never Appeared In The ‘Tubonga Nawe’ Song But the Truth has to Be Told “I TOO LOVE TO CHOP ON THE STATE’S CAKE(read Money)”, Therefore I Was There For Money Not Any Other Business! Many Artists Have Come Up To Tell Typical Day Lies Now like Mun G what peace was he singing about yet KCCA stopped his event with no good reason and for Jose Chameleone i feel pity for him cause as if he sang ‘Moto Moto’ without sorrow on his heart

So With Out Pointing Fingers At Any One I Would Independently Love To Say That All The Artists Who Rubbished This, Were Right In Their Way And Still we all attended expecting money with me inclusive.