“I want to battle Bebe Cool”, Ziza Bafana tests the depth of the Ocean with both feet

Ziza Bafana and Bebe Cool

By Waiswa Brian

Dance hall singer Ziza Bafana is currently leading in this genre, something that has brought about beef among his fellow artistes like Yung Mulo, DJ Michael and Bebe Cool towards him.

Yesterday, while appearing as a guest on Dembe FM’s Talk and Talk show, the ‘Agende’ hit maker revealed that Bebe Cool flats and goes off key while singing, he went on to compare the ‘Love You everyday’ singer to his son ‘Allan Hendrik’.

The host ‘Kasuku’ asked him if he is better than Bebe Cool, and with ease he replied yes.I will beat Bebe Cool with ease in a music battle, i will teach him the basic of music. The songs he does are actually meant to be sung by his son Allan, with his music experience even up to now he flats and goes off key while singing. Gagamel fans are so viral on social media ever promoting Bebe cool but I want them to organize a musical battle and see whether he can beat me.”, a determined Ziza Bafana revealed.

My Judgement…

This would be the worst mis-match music battle between an artiste with over 300 songs compared to one with 50 songs plus. Just like Jamal and Mun*G, Ziza Bafana always has one hit song to take him through out the music season. Last year he had ‘Agende’ and this year Tuli Majje will take him through out 2016. Within the last 3 months, Bebe Cool has went ahead to release more than 7 songs compared to Ziza Bafana’s Tuli Majje and Akalulu.

Radio and Weasel can testify to what happened to them after one hour when after they had engaged themselves in a music battle with the ‘Taata’ singer.

To me, Bebe Cool is lauging as per now and he wont bother commenting about this.