“I will punch you every time we meet”, Gravity promises Dembe FM Presenter

Gravity Omutujju

By Male Ronald

A week back, DJ Jacob Omutuzze, tested the wrath of rapper Gravity Omutujju, on Sunday last week at ekyepukulu concert at Nambole stadium. According to our source, the fight vented after Dj Jacob dissed the Bijanjalo singer calling him a fake rapper. Gravity and his members could not stand this any longer therefore they decided to teach the Dembe FM radio host a lesson by giving a through beating that left him crying like a baby. The radio presenter who is currently nursing his wounds thanked the security for saving his life for it would have been worse if at all he wasn’t saved by the security personeel.

However, a bitter Gravity was quoted, “Am going to punch the fool every time i see him, he should respect my hustle. It took me time to get where i come. Its not yet over between us, unless when he apologizes”.