Instant Articles now open to all publishers on Facebook


Until now, Instant Articles was only available to a select number of publishers. Like Google’s AMP, an Instant Article is essentially an HTML5 document that uses a couple of specific tags. Publishers can add text and images, but also slideshows, audio captions, maps, video and — of course — support for Facebook likes and comments.

Using Instant Articles, publishers can show Facebook mobile users a fast-loading and mostly distraction-free view of their posts while still also showing them a limited amount of their own ads (or use Facebook’s Audience Network to monetize their content) and measure pageviews through tools like Adobe Analytics.

“Facebook’s goal is to connect people to the stories, posts, videos or photos that matter most to them,” the company says. “Opening up Instant Articles will allow any publisher to tell great stories, that load quickly, to people all over the world. With Instant Articles, they can do this while retaining control over the experience, their ads and their data.” Publishers will now also be able to publish native ads as Instant Articles, as well, and visually distinguish them from their regular content by applying different styling options and adding a sponsor logo to them.

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Credit: Techcrunch