Interview: Meet MC Shafee, a fast rising radio presenter at Magic100fm.


By Yiga Santo

Our own writer’ Yiga Santo caught up with the fast rising MC and radio presenter at Magic100FM, he managed a small conversation with him as said below;

1.Who is Mc shafee?

I am Sseruwagu Shafic alias MC Shafee who doubles as well as a radio presenter at Magic 100 fm. I am also a student at Makerere University pursuing a degree in Bachelor of mass communication second year.

2.Give us a brief background of your career?

My career basically involves media, one thing led to another,i started emceeing way back in school since I was the speaker of my school meaning I would mcee on a number of functions but that wasn’t my dream. My major dream was TV because i always wanted to be on TV, so during my F6 vacation i hunted down TV to TV,i applied with UBC but was sent to Star TV and later joined magic100fm where i am till to-date.

3.Which schools did you go to?

I Started out my primary at Pioneer primary school were I studied my entire nursery and primary, joined kabowa high for my entire o’level and later joined East high school for my A’level.Am currently at Makerere university pursuing my degree of Bachelor of Mass communication second year.

4.What inspired you to become an MC?

l liked the way crowd would get entertained by my flow on the mic so thats something which insipired me to become an emcee.

5.Who is the best person you have ever worked with?

Well i have worked with many good people but the best are Tony Kent who I work with on the magic breakfast and Faruk who was my producer at star TV.

6.Who are your top five Emcees in Uganda.

1.Mc Talha 2.Mc Kats .3.Mc pauma . 4.Popstar mc . 5.Mc percy

7.What is your relationship with Spice Diana?

Spice Diana and me have a music relationship she is my closest friend among artists and we also share a lot in common.


8.Do you have any celebrity crush?

Yah I have a couple of crushes, but i think Judithiana the ‘saloon talk’ host at Urban TV and Sheila Gashumba take the first spot.

9.What are your five best songs in Uganda currently?

  • He go down by Irene Ntale
  • Tuli Kuki by Spice Diana
  • Akalulu by Ziza Bafana
  • KIsi Kimu by Sheebah
  • Aidah by Bobi Wine 7.

10.What are the two things your addicted too ?

Well, am addicted to Money and movies.

11.Do you have any local MC you admire to work with?

Well that’s MC Kapale i find him hilarious.



12.Where do you see your self in the next five years?

In the next five years, i see my self inspiring young people to become emcees and i hope to become Uganda’s top celebrity brand.

13.What challenges have you faced so far in your career ?

People judge us without even looking at our work and some artists want our services but dont want to pay us yet we are all hustling for a living.

14.Any last words to your fans.

My last words would be a special thanks to all the people who believe in me,i promise never to let you down. i love you all.