INTERVIEW: Singer Tip Swizzy talks about his relationship with Eddy kenzo, the challenges he has faced so far.


By Yiga Najib

EnewsUG’s Yiga Najib caught up with Helicopeter C.E.O Tip Swizzy for a quick interview and here are the expets;

1.Why did you choose Tip Swiizy as your stage name?

The name is so sweet and attractive.swizzy is achech word which means today and tip means doing something new therefore in general Tip Swizzy means doing new things everyday.

2. Which schools did you go to?

I went to st Augstine primary school during my primary level and crested royal college for my high shcool level.

3.How do you describe the kind of music you do?

I do different types of music but i mainly do afrobeat and pop

4. What do you miss about being a member of big talent?

I dont miss that much,i only miss my friends because we were like family.we used to do everything together and we had a very strong bond as all members of the big talent.

5.What is your relationship with Eddy Kenzo?

I have no beef with him am doing my bussiness and he is also doing his bussiness so i have know problem with him

6.You did many songs with Eddy Kenzo which one is your favorite?

My favourites are two Nkulungula and shake your body.

7.Give us more details about your label helicopter,how many members are signed under it?

Its still a starting label which is growing bigger and bigger every day because of the much hardwork we put in. Its managed by me and my manager Hamza and so far only three artists are signed under it.

8.How does it feel to do your own business?

I feels so good because i choose my own programs,i decide for my self am not driven by anyone. I work at my pace and am always able to manage all my projects.

9. What is your relationship people with Spice Diana?

She is my very good friend and our relationship is mainly for bussiness not something else.

10.Should we expect any other collabo with her?

Yes ovcourse she is avery good artist so i hope to do more collabos with her.

11.The fans would want to know about your relationship status, are you seeing someone?

At the moment am not much into that relationship stuff.i only have a girlfriend but still cant tell you her name because its confidential.

12.Give us your favorite top 5 songs?

1.Bolingo 2.Agaliko 3.shake your body 4.Nkulungula 5.Akabimbi

13. What are your upcoming projects?

I have two projects am working on at the moment,Kaada and its video is already out. The other one is Gal yuh murder,the audio is already out and the video is also coming soon

14. Are you hoping to stage any show this year?

Yah i hope to stage ashow but probably not so soon because i still want to add much on my work so that fans start demanding much from me.

15.Do you have any celebrity crush?

I crush on every one who does something good because i love good things so its so hard for me to choose, anyway i will go with Sheebah she is too good.

16.Which Ugandan artist do you wish to have a collabo with?

Sheeba and we are already working on a song togther but i cant reveal more details at the moment.

17. What challenges have you faced in the music industry?

There is much hatred in the music industry, people dont want to see others succeed, they always want to see you down. The other challenge is poor management and lack of enough funds to promote good work by young artistes.

18.What is your advice to the upcoming artists?

They should keep working so hard and they should never give up because evreything is possible.

19.Your last words to your fans.

My fans i love you all keep supporting my music,i still have much for you in the store never give up on me