Jeff Kiwa’s career might soon hit a dead end as Police start to hunt him down


By our writer

Popular music and talent promoter Jeff Kiwanuka, a brain behind Sheebah’s latest music success and a former manager to Africa’s dynamic duo Radio and Weasel, is under hot soup. A video that was released last night pinned him (Jeff Kiwa) as a suspect in a ritual sacrifice as a one ‘Paul Were’ a resident from Busia was arrested after sacrificing his young brother as a norm to join the Illuminati kingdom, a way of creating quick wealth.

In a phone message conversation that had a contact saved as JEFU meaning Jeff which read, “You can’t call me, am in Kabalagala and find me at Club Dejavu”. The young man claims he was directed to take the head of any close relative, so he went for someone he could manipulate easily (he choose his young brother). Police have started hunting down DEJAVU bar owner Jeff Kiwa as a key suspect in this fresh crime.

Ever since he (Jeff Kiwa) broke up with Radio and Weasel, a series of events have happened and at some point a video filmed by Weasel’s fiance Samira showed how Jeff Kiwa and his gang rounded up the askaris at the Neverland (Radio and Weasel’s home in Makindye) and went on to beat them. Jeff Kiwa is also implicated to have had a hand in the death of music star Late AK 47 who is a young brother to Jose Chameleone and Pallaso.