Joel Isabirye gives his opinion about Stella Nyanzi’s nude saga


By staff writer

Yesterday morning,top Makerere University research guru and Government critic,Stella Nyanzi surprised the whole nation as she undressed her self on Live TV amidst all media houses and students over closure of her office by Mahmood mamdani.

Media guru Joel Isabirye has come out to have his say about the whole saga as quoted below;

Many years ago i took a management course at the British council titled ‘leading the difficult employee.’ i see some of the things the instructors talked about in today’s chapter of the Mahmood mamdani-Stella Nyanzi saga : the undressing of nyanzi and chaining herself at the office. I think mahmood should talk to her not because he is wrong or she is right but to stop her from undressing any further while managing the institutions public relations. One of the main characteristics of difficult employees is the crave for attention.and when you give it to them and pamper them a little bit more they could actually be very cooperative.

Most of the time the difficult employee knows they could be wrong factually but they need to be coaxed into moving into that direction. quite often they are talented or qualified so the institution needs them. In management the way forward is sometimes more important than the manager always being that Dr.Stella Nyanzi’s office is re-opened i am sure she is going to also concede and teach those courses. Difficult employees also love to ‘win’ arguments, disputes etc.and they will actually take your side (which they initially opposed) after you let them win for a minute. Mahmood and misr have scored by bending over backwards to move a step forward.”