Juliana comes out to defend troubled Peter ‘Piira’ Ssematimba. read more

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Singer Juliana Kanyomozi

By our writer

Yesterday, singer Juliana Kanyomozi joined the few people to defend the Super FM boss, Peter Ssematimba after court ruled that he didn’t have an advanced Level certificate, the minimum requirement for nomination in parliamentary elections.

On a Facebook post by media guru Joel Isabirye, “Academic technicalities aside Peter Ssematimba is not just MP material,he is cabinet ministerial material”.

Singer Juliana Kanyomozi commented, “Joel, I could like this post a million times. Yes his academic papers may be questionable but this guy has got a work ethic that’s uncommon. I’ve grown up watching this guy innovate so many ideas and I’ve always been impressed. Yes he may have his personal issues but who doesn’t. If it comes to work, this dude will deliver on 1000 as compared to so many so called ‘elites’. I think people need stop being petty and look beyond how someone chooses to look physically, that’s none of our business if he chooses to use cosmetics. Question is will he deliver, is he smart and exposed, is he going to bring some fresh ideas, absolutely yes!”

Capital FM’s DJ Alex was also quoted,“Brain qualifications superlative, Time immemorial,We have had people who are ‘Verified’ but do nothing! We need people who have a track record of doing!